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12 May 2016

A unique domestic platform for the Internet of Things has been created in Russia recently

May 12, 2016, Moscow.  T-One Group - one of the first Russian providers in the field of seamless telematics - presented at the X Navigation International Forum and Exhibition Navitech 2016 a unique platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), created entirely on the basis of domestic software.

Currently, the Russian platform has no comparable counterparts. Unlike most existing solutions in the field of IoT, which are mainly focused on certain industries, such as the automobile industry, smart insurance, smart homes, etc., the IoT platform created by the T-One Group is versatile. Its functionality can be used efficiently by individual users, service providers and developers, as well as by large companies. This new solution is also a platform for the Industrial Internet (IIOT) and provides the ability to collect and process data from various sensors and industrial devices, thereby providing opportunities for the analysis of business processes and their optimization.

The key features of the IoT platform from T-One Group are as follows:

The platform helps to manage scenarios, i.e. builds interactions which are automated and algorithmically complex but easy to configure between all objects in the ecosystem.

Today, a large number of IoT-gadgets work using different transmission protocols, therefore, with no professionals around, it is really difficult and expensive to create a smart home.

The platform from T-One Group combines various devices which makes the costs of creating IoT-solutions significantly lower and stimulates the development of the Russian Internet of Things market.

"Our company is engaged in the development and implementation of solutions that are at the intersection of telecommunication and information technologies in the field of connected cars, the Internet of Things, personal and consumer stationary devices, as well as the Industrial Internet. Today, we are pleased to present a unique domestic IoT platform, which can fully meet the needs of the Russian market for telematics solutions. The IoT platform from T-One Group helps not only manage sensors, but create scenarios for interaction of all devices with one another without human intervention and thus to automate a significant portion of domestic issues", - said Igor Kheresh, Business Development Director at T-One Group, JSC. According to the forecasts from J'son & Partners Consulting, the total number of IoT/ M2M connected devices in Russia will have amounted to 32.5 million by 2018.


About us:

T-One Group, Joint Stock Company was created for the development of telematics products and services on the basis of GLONASS technologies for consumer and enterprise markets. The principal activities of the Company are: systems of monitoring and control over stationary and moving objects, systems of safe driving analysis and detection of road traffic accidents, solutions for intelligent transportation systems and the development of services in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).